How to paint Archaon, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse.

02 Th12, 2015
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This epic Citadel miniature requires an epic painting tutorial that is worthy of the Chaos Lord himself. And who better to show you how to paint it than our very own Duncan Rhodes. In it he shows you a great variety of tips and techniques including great ways to get a fantastic blend on both Dorghar's tail and Archaon's sword, the Slayer of kings as well as ways to paint Dorghar's 3 Chaos heads. So go grab your paints and brushes and let's begin.
Dorghar's body 01:18
Dorghar's wings 23:27
Dorghars heads 32:23
Armour and shared details 50:55
Archaon's unique details 1:00:24
Final details 1:15:42
Base details 1:22:40